Temple, TX Roofing Guide

Your roof not only protects your home or building, it protects what’s inside of it. We want you to know about your roofing options so when the need arises, you will be well-informed as to what your options are for roof repair or replacement.

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Roofing Assessment

Roof coverings are not manufactured to last forever. A professional roofing installation will get you every possible day of use out of the roofing material you select.

If you are seeing water damages in your home or company building, you will either need a major or minor roof repair or this might be an indicator that your roofing is no longer working and you should consider a total roof replacement.

Prior to selecting the best option for your building and your budget, you need to have an examination of your roofing by a certified roofing contractor. It may be that simply a few roof shingles have become loose or have actually worn away or, when it comes to a metal roofing system, a joint might have ended up being unsealed and must be redone. Alternatively, it could be that your roofing system itself has gotten to the end of its expected life and is ready to be changed.

There are a few indications of asphalt tile roof failure you can identify on your own. If your asphalt tiles are curling at the edges all over your roofing system, then a roofing replacement is most likely needed. An additional dead giveaway is the buildup of roof granules that are clogging your rain gutters as well as downspouts. This loss of this surface material is a sure sign that your tiles are beginning to degrade and will stop providing protection.

If you have a metal roofing system, corrosion is a first sign that your roofing system should be looked at a lot more closely. Various types of steel roofing systems will deteriorate at different speeds so the level of the deterioration will establish if one or two sheets need to be changed or all the steel panels ought to be replaced.

Another indication of metal roofing system troubles are when the sheets loosen. If this is because of a storm, then a sheet or two may be the only panels that need replacing. If they are loose all over and voids are starting to appear, then this will certainly weigh heavily on the choice to change the metal roof.

Both house owners and building owners should take a couple of minutes to examine their roof coverings after hail storms, tornadoes or significant climate events such as ice storms, twisters, and high wind gusts. What you don’t see from the ground might have compromised the roof covering. Flying particles and tree branches might have pierced your roof and this will in time absolutely cause leaks. Tiles may have blown off. Your roof vents might have been dislodged exposing your roofing rafters. In these cases, you might need a whole roofing system replacement.

Other telltale signs of roofing system issues consist of damaged roof and valley flashing, sealer failures, roof covering leaks, vent boot damage, decayed roofing system tiles and (although rare in our climate) the appearance of ice dams.

Residential Roofs

Whether you are constructing a brand-new residence, or attending to the roofing on your existing home, you have many more options for roof your structure than ever before. A roof covering’s primary job is to protect the building and its occupants. A roofing system can, however, improve the visual appeal and also value of your home, so roofing decisions ought to not be made in haste.

Every area of the country has weather and various other conditions that impact the long life of a roof covering our Texas location is no different. What follows are the most prevalent types of roofing materials we see in use today:


Steel is the contemporary favorite of developers and engineers due to the fact that it complements a lot of architectural styles and also is aesthetically pleasing. The overall costs of standing joint steel roofs have come down as a result of their growing popularity. They are a long lasting choice too. Potential home purchases see steel roofing as a valuable feature since they understand that they will last as well as keep their attractive appearance throughout their useful life.

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Asphalt Tiles

The asphalt roof shingles, usually called three-tab roof shingles, have actually been around for a long time and is one of the most preferred roof covering products for residential applications throughout Texas. These roofs can last from 25 to thirty years when installed correctly. The massive selection of colors means you can complement your home’s architectural style or make a bold design statement.

Asphalt tiles are quite efficient as well as resilient and are rated for wind and impact resistance. While no roofing system is without cost, asphalt is just one of the more pocketbook-friendly roof options offered. A professional roof crew can change an entire roofing system in just a day or 2 depending on weather and on the size of the roofing system.

Asphalt roof shingles are not advised for flat roofing systems where the pitch is less than 4/10. Some roof covering firms will apply shingles on a 2/10 pitch roof covering, however there are better options for flatter roofs. You will see asphalt tile roofing systems on a huge variety of roofing profiles mainly gable, gambrel, hip and also mansard roofs.

Architectural Shingles

For added architectural interest, think architectural shingles. These high profile roof coverings add an element of dimension to shingles. They also are highly rated for durability and have a longer useful life of more than 30 years. You might select architectural shingles if you want the look of a shake roofing system which is why many individuals refer to these tiles as “shangles”.

Another advantage to either asphalt or architectural roof shingles is that they are simple to change if a few roof shingles get blown off in a wind tornado or get harmed by a fallen tree limb. The replacement procedure is quite simple: get rid of damaged shingles that are ripped or torn and then switch them out with matching roof shingles.

Wood Tiles and Shakes

The beauty of a cedar shake roof covering is highly valued and this kind of roofing system is installed on many residences. Cedar is normally pest resistant as well as weather resistant. They do, however, have a couple of cautions that make them less versatile than asphalt shingle roofing systems.

First, they are not easy or quick to install. They cost more and also don’t last as long as other roof covering kinds such as slate or metal. They are not as fire resistant as asphalt or steel roof coverings are.

Ceramic Tile Roofs

Clay, ceramic and concrete ceramic tile roof coverings are preferred due to their durability and also long life. Clay tile roofing systems in particular can last decades and also have actually been made use of throughout the centuries to protect all kinds of buildings including residences.

When contrasted to other sorts of roofing, ceramic tile roof coverings do cost more and are much heavier which places stress on a building’s structure. You will see clay roofs on stonework buildings and certain types of construction such as adobe or stucco because the framing can support the extra weight. This sort of roof is one of the most fireproof roof coverings and this is one reason for its appeal.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are noted for being really appealing and also last virtually forever. That is why you primarily see them on very old mansions as well as college buildings throughout the nation. Because the tiles are crafted of stone, they are heavyweight. There are currently manufactured options that resemble the look of slate. Slate is a roofing type that not every roofer can install, and this is one reason why they are not installed very much anymore (plus the high cost). There are alternatives to slate which are now being manufactured that are easier to install and far less pricey.

Environmentally-Friendly Roofs

The focus on sustainability has not left the roofing sector without choices. You might have become aware of solar tile roofing systems which is a concept brought to market by Tesla’s Elon Musk. There are also roofing made from huge photovoltaic panels and roofing systems that will transform wind power directly into electricity. Various other roofing systems are even created to catch rainwater for residence usage. There are also living roofs which include soil as well as plant material which have actually been utilized for hundreds of years.

Commercial Roofing Systems

Business and commercial structures don’t commonly have as many roof alternatives as homes, yet a business building’s roof is equally as vital. A leaking commercial roof is not only a hazard, but can result in work stoppages.

There are four types of commercial roofs that are generally in use:

Rubber Membrane Roof

It wasn’t too long ago that all flat roofs were just sealed with tar. Now, there are rubber sheets which make the job of sealing a flat roof much better.
The rubber sheets are rolled onto the flat surface and the seams in between sheets are secured against water infiltration. This roofing type is not just low upkeep, but also relatively inexpensive. Regular maintenance should keep a flat rubber roof in good working order for many years.

Spray Foam Roof

For those business that want a 2 in 1 remedy for their industrial roof, spray foam is a good choice. Spray foam provides not just waterproofing for roofs but also insulation from heat and cold. The spray foam process includes a two-part solution which when combined in a specialized nozzle and applied onto a surface, expands many times its size and hardens as it dries out.

Closed cell spray foam, the kind that is utilized on roofing, is not only water resistant, it also provides as much as a 6 R-rating for each inch. For older buildings that lack appropriate insulation, spray foam is a smart alternative to correct this insufficiency.

One and Two-Ply Roofing

This sort of commercial roofing system material is suitable for level or low slope roofs. 2-ply contains a waterproof base layer and also a cap membrane layer which is a form of customized bitmen roofing. The same protection can also be accomplished utilizing a 1-ply layer which is really 2 layers (like above) which have been combined into one.

Commercial Metal Roof

Steel buildings throughout our region have actually been using steel roof covering materials for many decades now. Metal roof coverings are durable, long lasting and provide better protection than shingles, especially in wind prone areas.

How to Select the Right Roofing Company and Get a Good Quote

1. Buy Local

There are many good reasons why you should only deal with local roofing contractors.

A local contractor has a local reputation to maintain. Not only does a local contractor near you want more business from others in the area, but they also live where they work. You will get a much better outcome if you select a company that not only wants your business and would love a referral or two from you, but word will travel fast if the job is not up to your standards and future jobs will be hard to come by for that contractor.

It is easy for an out-of-area contractor to low ball bid for a roofing job. If something goes wrong with the roof in a month or two, the contractor will be long gone with your money and you will have to pay another contractor to fix what should have been done correctly the first time.

This is especially disheartening when you hear about contractors in the news that take advantage of people after a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane. They know that the situation is urgent and they capitalize on that urgency. Several months later when problems arise (due to poor workmanship or substandard materials), they are nowhere to be found.

All companies have either a Yelp, BBB or Google rating nowadays. This is a good way to double check that the contractor you have requested a bid from is as good as they say they are.

2. Does the contractor have a state license? How about insurance?

These might seem like trivial matters, but licenses and insurance do matter.

Legitimate firms are licensed by the state of Texas. In many municipalities, you can’t get a building permit without a state license. (For roof replacement, you need a building permit. For small roof repairs, typically you do not.)

Professional roofers also have insurance. The contractor you select should have insurance and not rely on your policy should an accident happen.

Reputable roofers also have certifications from the manufacturers they use. This ensures that they have the most up to date training on the products and installation methods for new products. They are also trained in safety precautions. Some manufacturer’s warranties require that the product be installed by a licensed contractor so you will want to be sure you check.

3. Guarantees and Warranties

Check with potential roofers as to what guarantees and warranties they provide. The longer the warranty, the better. Contractors want to make sure that they do the job right so they don’t have to come back again and again to make something right on their dime.

Check also with your homeowner or building insurance policy to see if there are any guidelines or restrictions when it comes to who can install a new roof on your home. You want to make sure that your policy will remain in full force should another roof damage incident occur.

The contractor should guarantee their workmanship for at least a year, longer is better. A roof that lasts 25 to 30 years should not become a problem in 15 months if it was installed properly.

4. Insurance Claims

If your roof repair or replacement is covered because of storm damage or other catastrophe, you’ll want to make sure you get an insurance adjuster out to verify your claim so that you get the insurance reimbursement you are entitled to. This should be done before you contract with any roofer to do the work. There will be paperwork and you will need to pay your deductible, but you don’t want a clerical oversight to invalidate your claim.

5. Your Roofing Work Should Be Detailed in Writing in a Contract

Not that it will, but if anything should go wrong with your roof work, you need to have a written contract in order to file any claims or to take legal action. The old saying that ‘a verbal contract is only worth the paper it isn’t printed on’ is applicable here.

The contract should specify who is going to do the work, what materials will be used, what repairs will be made, what part or parts of the roof will be worked on and the equipment needed to do the work.

One thing you should ask for is a drop dead date. Sometimes contractors book too many jobs and yours gets pushed off to never. You want a reasonable date that includes some leeway for weather problems.

6. On Site Inspection

Make sure the contractor actually comes to your property to inspect the roof before giving a quote. This may seem obvious, but you don’t want a price based on square feet. You want a price for your exact roof and the exact product you selected for the roof work.

Frequently, your roof sheathing or flashing needs to be repaired at the same time your work is being done to ensure the roof lasts as long as it can. No contractor can determine this unless he or she has been to your property and thoroughly examined it. You don’t want to contract for a roof job, they are expensive as it is, only to find out later that you also need new flashing or your skylight is failing too.

7. Other Considerations

If you have a mobile home, then you should contact a roofing company that specializes in repairing or replacing mobile home roofs. This is a sub-specialty of the roofing trade and not all roofers will work on mobile home roofs. Make sure that you ask upfront about the types of projects a roofer will bid on before dispatching them to give you a quote.

You may have an HVAC contractor that comes to your location twice a year to check on your heat or air conditioning system to make sure it will run when you need it. Roofers are different in that you shouldn’t need a roofer every year, just a few times during the entire time you own the property is the norm.

What if you have an emergency situation? Do you want to be last in line or first in line with the roofing contractor of your choice? We usually tell people that it doesn’t hurt to have a roof inspection every 5 years if the roof is fairly new or every other year for roofs over 15 years old just to make sure you are staying ahead of any problems which may crop up. If you have this relationship with a local roofing company, the next time you need 24/7 emergency roof repair, you will be at the top of the list instead of the bottom.

When disasters happen, and there is a tree coming through the ceiling of a second floor bedroom, you want your emergency roof repair handled before any more damage can occur – no matter what day of the week or hour of the day. The roofer can be there within minutes if they are local and provide a temporary solution that will protect your belongings from additional damage. And, importantly, you will be able to trust their advice and the temporary solution they come up with to keep you safe and secure until you can get with your insurance company and come up with a permanent fix.

8. Resale

Our last tip concerns replacing your roof before selling your home. It is a good idea to have a contractor inspect your roof prior to placing your home on the market. If it needs replacing, you want to do it on your timetable and on your terms. If your roof is in good condition and it should last at least another 5 years, you typically don’t need to worry about it. But if a home inspection finds that your roof is about to fail, it will negatively impact the sales price of your home and you might lose a deal over it.

It is not often that you have to repair or replace a roof. We hope this guide has helped you learn more about the types of roofing options and the best way to select a roofer for your project.